Fang Talks

06 10 18


I have moved. This new space is about four times as big as the previous one and its fridge is quiet. Also I don’t immediately smell human feces when leaving the house. Consider me a happy boy.

05 10 18


I move to a new place tomorrow. It’s going to be an upgrade from my current lodging, I’m quite excited. Suppose hauling a bunch of stuff around feels more like traveling than letting it sit, too.

I skipped going to the gym this morning.

Had an awful night of sleep. Still awake by 3 AM, constantly waking up and then having trouble falling back asleep. It was not fun. There was despair.

So instead of getting up early to hit the gym before going out for the day, I slept in. This is, of course, a grave sin, and one of the worse crimes you can make against yourself.

And yet, visiting the gym in the evening instead, I had one of the best workouts I’ve had in weeks. It may not quite be redemption, but there’s hope for me yet.

03 10 18


Bought another hard drive because the prices are actually kind of good on this side of the pond. Eight terabytes to match the drive I already have. It’s actually starting to get close to filled up, but I really just got this so I could put it in RAID with what I already have, making the data more resistant against corruption and loss.

…Not that I currently have the space for another drive, but planning ahead never hurt anyone, right?

02 10 18


Wait I suddenly burned through most of my stack in just a single day of working at it. This is my fuel, this is what I thrive on. It means maybe tomorrow I can get to the good stuff.