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A post a day keeps the doctor away!

Because it wouldn’t be tempting if it was the smart thing to do.

Don’t be tempted into thinking the first thing you come up with is the right solution. Sure, maybe it is. But for all you know it isn’t. There’s likely plenty of worthy alternatives to be explored, so go explore those before deciding whether or not your intuition was right.

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15 01 18


Statistically speaking, you feel like garbage today.

Why do we feel the need to make a record and point of the saddest day of the year? Because some travel company thought making pseudo-scientific statements would make for good marketing, apparently. Well, their claim has stuck, so I guess they did something right?

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How long has it been? How far have I run?

It feels like weeks ago that fatigue made place for normalcy. My movements are robotic. Stopping them feels wrong, uneasy, painful almost. Had I really not been running since the beginning of time? How did I ever bear standing still? My heart would likely stop beating if I did so now.

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And the difference people make.

I can’t believe it’s been half a year already, but it’s been half a year since the first semester of the school year began. No, I am indeed not in school anymore. My sister is though, and she spent the last few month in the UK for her studies. She was actually kind of sad to leave there already, but it’s nice to have her back for at least a little while.

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12 01 18

Proxy address

Apparently not a lot of people do this?

Mail servers allow you to set a catch-all address. If mail gets sent to an address that’s not in use, it redirects to the catch-all one. This way, you can give out arbitrary somethings@domain.tld, and still have all emails neatly delivered to you. And that’s a small boon for contactability I guess, but the real tip is way better.

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