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21 07 17

All downhill

I could go and complain about how I got yet another medical bill in the mail, but let’s not.

Instead, allow me to vent a little bit about how scary downhills have become to me. After falling and injuring myself, and then proceeding to struggle making it further downhill safely, I’ve grown quite averse to slopes with any kind of loose objects on them. Uphills on any kind of terrain are fine, but if a downhill isn’t 100% unmovable, I’m hesitant to go down it.

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Okay, so here’s a fun one.

You know how you always hear Americans complain about the cost of healthcare in their country? If you’re familiar with the numbers here, read right on. If you aren’t, try and make a guess. How much more expensive do you expect it to be compared to a western European country like, say, the Netherlands? Keep in mind my sample size for this measurement is literally one specific thing, but yeah, sit yourself down and think this over briefly.

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19 07 17


My old pair of earbuds has bitten the dust.

Or, well, the cable has degraded far enough to give me electric shocks when I use them. This seems to be the point of no return. And that makes me sad. This is the first pair of earbuds I actually went out to buy instead of just getting them with a phone or music player and they’ve lasted me for, what, nearly ten years? Those things were durable. Sadly, once they started falling apart, they did so quickly.

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18 07 17

The drive

And what a drive it was.

The US is huge. It took us a good eight hours to get from one big city to another. In that time, you can drive across the length of the Netherlands– twice! As someone from the Netherlands, that’s a huge distance. I can’t imagine how people from Luxembourg feel about other countries. Must be a big world out there.

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17 07 17

LA day

Yesterday was a great success!

Surely few things come closer to an LA experience than cruising beachward in a convertible. It’s been forever since I’ve been in one of those, let alone riding it through Los Angeles. Okay, it wasn’t LA proper, but the aesthetic was definitely there. The beach itself was great too, huge big waves to play around with like a child that first discovered the ocean. And it wasn’t even that busy. There were a lot of people, but it wasn’t packed all that tightly really.

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