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14 11 17

Back to the past

I fondly remember spending most of my teenage years browsing the web using Firefox.

But Firefox got slow and ate all my poor computer’s memory. Timely, a snazzy new browser entered the scene: Google Chrome dazzled everyone with its incredible performance and fair feature-set. Merge the address and search bar into one? Of course! And all was good, and all was great. But Google’s PR team wanted to see updated, and Chrome devs needed the brownie points, so implemented features they did.

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13 11 17

Outside, indoors

I’m currently listening to ambient music that has a bunch of nature sounds in it.

Comfy as that may be, it strikes me as somewhat odd. Here I am, sitting in my room, living at peak denaturization, enjoying all the comforts of modern living, like not having to shit in the woods every day. And yet my lizard brain still craves a lot of the stimuli that come with the lifestyle we’re so glad we left behind. So we fill our houses with flora, and play back sounds our species has gotten so used to picking up.

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In both the system and the user themselves.

Today I got to play tech support again. Over the phone, no less. Surely you can imagine how that went. One part of the exchange was rather weird though. “It says I need to do x. I don’t know what to do.” I suggested doing x. It worked, and we could proceed. How deep have we sunk if a device can tell its user exactly what needs to be done, and still have the user frozen in fear and unable to process the situation rationally?

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11 11 17


We sure are getting tired of things, aren’t we?

It’s a blessed world we get to live in, where tomorrow is always so very different from yesterday. And yet, people seem to be struggling to get used to that rate of change. Maybe it’s my generational perspective, but it seems like increasingly younger people are adapting modern technologies and then getting tired of them. Everything about it all is so incredibly unstable: before you know it, everyone’s moved to the next alternative.

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10 11 17


You know those “ten years ago vs now” drawings artists sometimes, where they redraw something they made when they were still learning?

I’m currently in the process of rewriting the first Urbit application I ever wrote — precious talkbot — and it’s a little bit like that. Back then I wrote it in a style that screamed “let’s try and get something working quickly because that makes learning fun”. And I did learn quite a few things. Writing pretty Hoon code wasn’t one of them, and I wasn’t even concerning myself with proper architecture yet.

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