Fang Talks

It begins.
09 10 18

Another talk

Oh, right, I have another public speaking thing coming up.

This is going to be subtly different from any other talk I’ve given before. Kind of exciting actually, I’ll basically be re-announcing and then explaining the mechanics of a Cool New Thing. The Q&A is gonna be great, I can already tell.

08 10 18

The Edit

I really should just photo-edit all of the keyframes in Disney movies to make the characters bald or something, then put them together, lay over the original audio, and upload the film.

If I had the time, that is. But I don’t.

07 10 18


You catch it stalking occasionally. A human, but always with its face just out of view. You try to imagine what it might look like, but draw a blank.

06 10 18


I have moved. This new space is about four times as big as the previous one and its fridge is quiet. Also I don’t immediately smell human feces when leaving the house. Consider me a happy boy.

05 10 18


I move to a new place tomorrow. It’s going to be an upgrade from my current lodging, I’m quite excited. Suppose hauling a bunch of stuff around feels more like traveling than letting it sit, too.