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A shitty slogan is more than enough for the likes of you!

It’s still sort of subtle, but not for long if I’m not careful.

With great displeasure I have to once again admit that I suffer from a repetitive strain injury. They said these things never truly go away. I believed them. And now reality is proving everyone right once again. Haven’t been too careful about posture and typing habits today (or any of these past days, for that matter), and a toll it has taken.

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Have they always been burning this fiercely, or nah?

People say the world is going to shit, that it’s even worse than before. Is it really though? I can’t really tell. My memories from the past are tainted by a narrow field of view, and accounts from the older generation aren’t always as reliable as one would hope they are. Sure, a lot of crazy things are happening, but you have to factor in accessibility.

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What is it that can push us to consume media we’ve already experienced before?

For some stories, going through them a second time may help you see new things. Their worldbuilding so intricate, their narratives so convoluted, there’s bound to be plenty of little things you missed on first pass. And if there’s a twist ending, some grand reveal that puts everything in a different light, you can now go back and experience it all from a new point of view.

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You postpone it for an hour longer.

And then an hour later comes, and you still don’t particularly feel like doing it. You know you won’t particularly feel like doing it another hour from now, but under the awful and backwards excuse of optimism you postpone it yet another hour more. And then when the time finally comes, you’ve exhausted yourself and it seems even harder to do than before.

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Everything the light touches is ours to destroy.

Technology is in a very poor state right now. Experience-wise, security-wise, implementation-wise, it’s all garbage. We can do so much better. I’m very passionate about actually contributing to that, and there’s a bunch of efforts out there that try and push things in the right direction. They and the issue they tackle don’t seem to be getting very widespread coverage though, like nobody cares.

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