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bunch of milk-drinkers
22 05 17

To the skies!

Bag’s packed. Like, full. Really full.

Somehow is still comfortably fits the required metrics though, so that’s good. And I tried it on with just my hiking gear in it, and it’s very doable! With all my travel stuff though, not so much. Sets of clothes and a few pairs of shoes weigh you down quite a bit, it turns out! But hey, the planes will be doing most of the heavy lifting luckily.

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21 05 17

The things I do

They’re neither smart nor comfortable, but I do ’em anyway.

The date of departure is drawing closer and closer. After tomorrow my adventure starts, and for some reason it feels like it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Still, I know it’s gonna happen, and I’m all too aware that there’s a bunch of people I won’t be seeing for the next couple of months. With that in mind, I can’t not try my best to see them during my last weekend here, right?

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I’ve been saying it for super long now, but that’s just how it is.

There’s a lot going on in Urbit’s codebase. Networking has gotten an overhaul, the messaging system is being reworked and the command line is getting a facelift. There’s also work on a few prototypes. And it’s all very exciting, but also not quite here yet. It’s a struggle, we have to use a version of the system that’s so far behind all our improvements. There’s a whole bunch of tiny little bugs and limitations we run into daily that are already long gone in the version we’re working on.

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19 05 17


Maybe my imagination is too big. Maybe few words can paint big pictures.

Twitter’s a weird platform. Microblogging’s a weird thing. But, cool things emerge from it. It seems like that’s just what happens when you impose limitations: people get creative. There’s accounts on Twitter dedicated to writing short, very short stories. A good example is @MicroSFF, who writes science fiction and fantasy stories in 140 characters or less.

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18 05 17

Already moving

It’s like I’m already there!

We’re too close to my departure for any package I order to make it to my house in the Netherlands on time. And yet, I’m still missing a few tiny things. Luckily, these tiny things are easier to come by in the States than they are over here, and so I have no trouble ordering them from America, to America. I’m sending packages to my address there, it’s like I’m already partially arriving!

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