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18 04 17

Global time

It’s a global mess is what.

Timezones are enough of a headache as is. “Instant” time is mostly fine, stored time for display at arbitrary dates in arbitrary locations is harder. And then there’s accounting for daylight savings. Apparently not every country observes daylight savings, or they make the switch on different dates. What you end up with is a mess of misaligned time which you can’t fix with a simple “+3 hours”.

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Learning by example is great and all, but I can’t learn to paint the Mona Lisa just by watching someone do it.

I really want to start writing again. Even if I manage to strike up the inspiration somehow, I’ll still have to deal with something much worse though. I know what to do, but not how to do it, and I won’t be able to do it “well enough”. Of course, if I can still see things wrong with my work that just means I don’t have shit taste and can use that to keep moving forward. That’s easier said than done.

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16 04 17

Drawing blanks

I don’t know what it is with sundays, but I just don’t get along with them.

Ask me what’s on my mind and I’ll just continue staring blankly. There’s attempts being made up there in the chamber, but nothing coming out. Doesn’t feel like anything’s stuck, but nothing’s really moving either. Whatever tiny thoughts I can grab on to slip out my clenched fists like smoke before fading away.

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The path forward.

Hard work gets things done, but that’s only half the challenge. The other halve’s in stepping back and trying to envision where you’re headed. Without a clear idea of that, how can you know what to build towards?

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14 04 17

Growing closer

Dogs are precious and we did that together.

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that dogs are great. But it wasn’t always that way! Dogs weren’t so great to us. And we, responding in kind, weren’t so great to them! We fought and killed, because that’s what you do when you’re wild animals. You just mess things up.

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