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12 06 18

Closing piece

The new Smash Bros game for the Switch got properly revealed. It’s got literally the entire cast from all previous games combined in it, and then some.

I can’t help but feel like this is the final Smash game. It’s even called “Ultimate”.

11 06 18

Uncaught mice

A boy is helping his father take care of the farm. They’ve been making valiant efforts to rid it of the mice that have infested it.

‘Only one of the traps caught one tonight pops.’ the boy smiled. ‘This means there aren’t any mice left, right?’
‘We will see, my boy.’

Weeks passed without a peep. ‘Surely we’ve gotten rid of them now?’ the boy asked, desperate to hear confirmation.
‘I don’t know son.’ The farmer looked out over his fields. ‘You can never be sure.’

Later that week, another mouse is the trap.

10 06 18


It’s really interesting to look at ideologies and beliefs not from a political viewpoint, but a virology one. How do they evolve, spread? What can/can’t they be defeated by? How did it get to be this way and what makes it so good?

08 06 18


You read the words on the screen, and for a moment you forget. Forget the noise around you, the problems you’re facing, the people you love, who you are. You read and forget, that’s a spell.