Fang Talks


As an amateur writer I sometimes like writing short, often single-part works. Here you’ll find the ones I chose to publish for whatever reason. Enjoy.

Loosely based upon real events.

Upon entering the waiting room the first thing I notice is this lady, probably in her late thirties, early forties, dabbing away tears with a handkerchief that looks too soaked for the task. I look around, mutter a “good afternoon” to nobody in particular, and sit down a few seats away from her. The strikingly yellow ballerinas she’s wearing barely touch the ground, and every teary hiccup causes them to dangle for a little bit. A few quick glances in her direction teach me nothing new. Other than heavily distressed, nothing appears to be wrong with her. Maybe she’s waiting on a family member? Before I can imagine a backstory, the doctor calls for me.

>>

A profession kept alive through generations.

Thick leaves brush against my face, the moisture they held on to mixes with my sweat. It’s been hours, how many I do not know. The tight canopy blocks out practically all light. A compass and counting of steps continue to be my only guides. I pray both are still in good order, and push onward through the foliage.

>>

The ground under his feet trembled and shifted. Every kick down into the dirt precise and calculated.

‘Bhan, don’t do this.’ his sister pleaded. ‘You don’t have to.’ The guards in front of her knew it was no use. Bhan had gained notoriety in the area for his stubbornness. He was quick on his feet, everything else about him was unmoving. Rumor had it not even the elements of Nature itself were able to bring him down. He wasn’t planning on going anywhere. Everything around him just had to conform.

>>

There’s people in my town. People who intend to walk into Paradise.

There isn’t much around our parts, so it’s no surprise folks have a hard time keeping their sanity. I guess it keeps the place peaceful, but aren’t we here for living? Not according to Father Herman we aren’t. The good man had himself convinced our little town plays a role of sacrifice in God’s schemes. Not because of anything about the place itself, but it’s location rather. Those who walk more than a couple steps northward will find themselves on climbing. Apparently we’re right next to Heaven.

>>

‘Go on, get it done!’ they yelled at me. ‘Write, something good this time!’

The sun started evaporating the sweat on my skin as soon as I went outside. The air conditioning had spoiled me. With a pencil and notebook in hand, shadowed by the guards, I sauntered towards the park. Its surprisingly lively foliage would keep me from shriveling up in the heat of late spring.

>>