Fang Talks

The heart is the strongest muscle.

As an amateur writer I sometimes like writing short, often single-part works. Here you’ll find the ones I chose to publish for whatever reason. Enjoy.

If you saw him sitting on a park bench, like he does, you wouldn’t see anything but a normal man. As soon as he’d stand up and walk though… Leaps and bounds, like gravity was halved for him. Nearly floating, five seconds between steps, completely off the ground.

He exited a building a few stories up once. Doesn’t do that anymore, it makes people too panicky.

We’re pretty good at engineering, right?

And we keep getting better. If you take it to its logical extremes, you might get a pretty accurate image of the future. Technology to do practically anything available or consumption by the masses? Wouldn’t people want to do the coolest things?

>>

We don’t venture into the eastern woods. But accidents happen.

I recall being sent out to forage. “Don’t wander too deep.” As dangerous as it was, and I didn’t know why, the fruits in those trees were much too valuable to pass up. The territory was uncharted as far as I had been told. Uncharted because of the fearsome creatures that lurked there after dark. Uncharted because generation after generation had grown up in fear of those legends. And those why tried conquering those fears, they never returned.

>>

For three days she sat in the mud and cried. Cried for her little boy to return.

And then he did. Limping, barely conscious, he emerged from the eastern woods. She ran to him, geld him tight. His clothes torn to shreds, his arms and face red with blood, but he seemed unharmed. He passed out in his mother’s arms, but it didn’t matter anymore. Somehow, he had survived. Gotten lost in the woods, and lived to tell the tale.

>>

I see things. Things people don’t like me seeing.

So they send me to the doctor, doctor sends me to the hospital, hospital sends me to the pharmacy, pharmacy sends me home with a bottle of pills. I would’ve taken them. I really would’ve. If I hadn’t seen what I had seen. Doctors plagued by demons of bad conscience. Ghouls and other critters roaming the hospital halls. A pharmacy getting its stock eaten up by ceiling crawlers.

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