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LÖVE is love. LÖVE is life.

This feels very woo-woo to say, but it feels like my world has gotten bigger.

I can vividly imagine numerous locations that are over five-thousand miles — uh, nearly nine-thousand kilometers — away from my current place of residence. It’s hard to not call that a little bit insane. It’s even harder not to call it even just a little bit magical, in the “magic of childhood” kind of sense. Parts of my life now very tangibly span across different continents, and both places feel close to my heart.

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18 08 17


The time of writing is 2 PM, San Francisco time.

Well, this is it I suppose. I’m finally taking my leave. Packed my bags, checked into my flight. Said some goodbyes yesterday, will say a few more today. It feels a little bit like leaving home felt, nearly three months ago. People, places, things I’m leaving behind to go experience something else. Heh, who knows, maybe I’ll even become homesick for a little bit. There’s definitely plenty of things here I’ll be missing.

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17 08 17

My peeps

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken this much about technology before.

Not many of my friends back home are that deep into tech stuff, and practically none of them are as excited about obscure but hopefully bleeding edge projects like Urbit as I am. When I fly back home on Friday, that’s gonna be it for me. I’ll lose that outlet for in-depth discussions about the technologies that are currently trying to grab hold of the world. Nobody to shittalk blockchain buzzword tech with, nobody to gawk at the market with.

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My time up here in Tahoe truly is the closing highlight of my trip.

Spending the morning just chilling on a boat, then filling up with a Good Lunch and hiking up some ski slope mountain to take a dive in a pristine meltwater lake. It may have been freezing fucking cold in there, but there’s truly nothing quite like it that I’ve experienced before. And sadly, it’ll likely be quite some time before I get such an opportunity for such a cool experience again.

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My good friend and colleage brought me up to Lake Tahoe!

He hyped it up pretty hard, I almost feared he’d be overselling it. Honestly, those promises came more than true! It’s absolutely gorgeous out here. The greenest and straightest trees covering the giant stone walls surrounding a pristine and actually for real blue lake!

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