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I stepped on my bike this morning, and it felt as if it had gotten smaller.

Nothing hugely significant, it just felt a bit off. Heavy pedaling was harder, I seemed closer to the ground, but maybe that was because I hadn’t been out of bed long? I continue on my merry way, arrive at my destination, and hike around for a bit. I step on again, same thing. A couple of red lights later, and suddenly I fall directly downward!

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The fun, it never ends.

Tuesday nights are comedy nights in Amnesia, that nearby bar I wrote about. Mostly local artists of course, but I think that can be great fun! It can tell you a lot about the cultural climate. You know, the jokes people tell, the jokes people actually laugh at. And it was overwhelmingly socio-political?

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19 06 17


Ho boy, it’s starting to happen.

Slowly but surely, I’m starting to find my rhythm here. I want to say that happened fast, but it’s already been a month now. A third of the way there, and things are feeling a little more normal. As they say: same shit, different place. It’s nice shit though, the kind that leaves the paper clean when you wipe. Yeah, you know the ones.

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I went to see live music last night!

There’s this cool bar about two blocks from my “office”. Nearly every time I walked by there coming back from work, there were local artists playing on the tiny stage. Very varied things, too. Bluegrass, jazz, good ol’ covers. Finally went and dropped by for a nice show of hot jazz. The duo was great fun. swingy tunes, jokes in between songs, what more do you want?

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13 06 17


It has become clear to me why not-always-flat countries aren’t that big when it comes to bikes.

These hills here in San Francisco, they get steep! The uphill is a serious climb in my lowest gear. And then when you think you can finally enjoy the downhill and zoom as far as you climbed, forget it! You need to stop every other intersection, so say goodbye to a comfy cruise. Maybe that’s for the better though, you rack up speed fast.

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