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Series covering fun facts about specific topics, which I wish I posted more often.

Well, for starters, it was a massive flop.

So what exactly is the Apple Pippin? It’s the worst piece of marketing, that’s for sure. The Apple Pippin was supposed to be a “multimedia player platform”, being able to run games or browse the internet. And that’s… basically what it was. It sounds pretty great, but know that it was released in 1995, by which time the Sega Saturn, Playstation, and even Personal Computers had already jacked the gaming market.

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I was going to rant on how I really need to get my hair cut but don’t want to.

When suddenly, I read some pretty interesting things. Hair can be either real fun to play around with, or a huge pain in the ass the maintain. Aside from keeping your head warm though, the keratine strings have quite a few other uses, some a tad more bizarre than others. For example, in the Victorian era, when someone passed away, it wasn’t uncommon to make jewelry out of that person’s hair. You know, as a memento, since they didn’t have any fancy techniques using ash back then. For a while, this kind of jewelry actually made it into mainstream fashion. Kind of morbid, if you ask me.

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They’re pretty big and pretty white.

Narwhals are pretty cool creatures. Often called the unicorns of the sea, these mythical (but not all that rare) creatures sport a fancy horn. It’s not actually a horn though, it’s a tusk. Their left canine tooth, to be precise. So even though it is often depicted as such, it’s neither located on their foreheads, or in the center of their faces. The thing can grow up to 3.1 meters in length. And get this, about 0.2% of the narwhals grow a second tusk, because their right canine tooth decided to become huge as well. But despite their impressive looks, they only weigh, on average, 10 kilograms, because they’re hollow inside.

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Continuing on with the long forgotten one-post series of things you didn’t know about stuff, we’ll go a bit existential today!

So there’s a lot of… nothing, around us. I know it sounds weird, but hang on for a second. For starters, the largest part of the universe is a giant vacuum. Or, to be more precise, 74% of the universe is nothing. No matter, just nothing. Okay, granted, most scientists will tell you there’s dark energy there, but that’s something way outside of this post. Of the remaining 26%, 22% is dark matter, and only 4% is the kind of matter we can see, smell or taste. You know, the kind of stuff we call “something”.

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Possibly the first in a series?

Zippers are pretty damn common. Hell, you probably have one close to your body right now! They’re really quite interesting pieces of technology, yet we take them for granted so easily. You can probably make a decent guess as to how they work though, so I’ll be telling you something new about them. Note that this mechanism isn’t present in all zippers, but I do see it every now and then.

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