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Double-reverse irony

I sometimes review things I see, hear, read or play. But these “reviews” are just, like, my opinion man.

This game made me glad to be playing games again.

For a first release by Heart Machine, it is a very good one. Hyper Light Drifter checks all the boxes. Intriguing aesthetics, gripping thematic, appropriately intense soundtrack, and most importantly, super tight controls. Not to mention the huge amount of time you can sink into this if you’re a completionist, with tons of collectibles and difficult opt-in challenges.

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This show is just too damn real.

I don’t know what it is about this show, but it hits a lot of strings. Oh wait, I do know! It’s the deadpan portrayal of the gritty world behind all the pazzaz and glamor the Hollywoo showbiz presents. It’s the way the characters live through not our worst fears, but our most intimate ones. How they all appear so unfiltered despite appearing in such a cheap-looking cartoon format. And it’s all so very unexpected.

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That’s pronounced “fooly cooly”, by the way. Yeah.

I’m going to attempt to review something I had a hard time following, let alone fully understand. And apparently that seems to be the consensus amongst viewers: FLCL isn’t your run-of-the-mill straight-forward animation series. It’s more of an experimental experience, in more ways than one. Let’s take the plot, for starters. Kind of hard to spoil it since it’s vague and all over the place, and somehow not significant to the series anyway. Yeah.

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I haven’t even ever played ping pong, yet it was still super hype.

Based on the 1996 manga Ping Pong, the Animation is it’s younger animation brother. Younger by eighteen years. Released in 2014, Ping Pong the Animation brings the story to the screen. And it does so well. It follows the story of numerous characters, all young ping pong players or retired professionals. The way the story starts out has you thinking the grand focus will be on a single main character, but it quickly has you realize everyone else has a tale of their own as well.

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Space Dandy

A dandy guy in space.

The space opera is still very much alive, in all shapes and sizes. Space Dandy proves this by bringing a fresh new take on the genre. Always a fan of quality animation with an end-focus on comedy, I couldn’t resist picking the series up when I first heard of it. And boy did it deliver! Let me back up a bit and explain why.

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