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Lua is love. Lua is life.

An experiment turned work-in-progress novel, following the fantasy-ish story of Mitchell as he explores life in the caves he found himself waking up in one day. Mystery and adventure awaits!
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09 07 14

Caves, p100

Not one, not ten, but a hundred parts in! can you believe that? You should, it says so right up there in the title. (previous)

Looking around, Warren saw a few people in the crowd nod. He lifted his leg and slipped a hand into his boot, awkwardly scratching his ankle.
‘I don’t think!’ Mitchell yelled. Warren flinched. ‘I don’t think you’re in a position here to draw a weapon on me.’
Mitchell had noticed. The crowd was starting to notice. Warren had procured a small knife from his boot and hidden it in his sleeve. The look in his eyes had changed, too. They were no longer the eyes of a man who had everything on the line. They were the eyes of someone who had given up on sane solutions. The eyes in front of a brain in a state of panic. The eyes you see in people who feel they have nothing to lose.

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04 07 14

Caves, p99

Mitchell and Warren take their private time to the public. Let’s see some shit go down! (previous)

Warren grabbed hold of the railing as soon as he hit it. The wood cracked and gave way but didn’t cause him to fall. He looked down and saw the entire Bastion staring up at him. They were confused faces. Confused, but some also a bit scared. Others, mildly excited.
Mitchell stepped through the remains of the door. ‘See those people? Your trusty, loyal guild members?’ The sarcasm was dripping off his adjectives. ‘Why don’t we find out what they think?’ He grabbed Warren by his vest again, and pushed him into the paling. It broke further. Some people in the audience below gasped when Warren’s feet dangled over the edge. ‘Don’t worry, I don’t intend on letting go… yet.’ Mitchell said right before he hopped over the railing, down onto the main floor. Though he had a man in hand, it didn’t seem to hinder his agility. The floorboards shook when he landed. The glasses on a few tables tinkled and Warren groaned as he hit the floor. His vest had ripped and his feet weren’t positioned well enough to absorb the impact.

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30 06 14

Caves, p98

When we last left our hero, short recaps like these hadn’t been written in ages. (previous)

‘I said not now.’ Warren grumbled. His voice came from under his desk. When Mitchell slammed the door shut, he slowly emerged. He wiped some liquid off his chin. ‘Mitchell,’ he said, barely audible. There was a faint scent of alcohol hanging in the room. ‘I thought you could listen.’
Mitchell ignored his remark. ‘Looks like you heard?’ he said, with his upper lip subtly raised in disgust. ‘About Andrea?’
‘Oh trust me kid, I know all about it!’ He gave his words a lot of emphasis, though there didn’t seem a particular point to it. ‘Heavy news, r-‘
Mitchell interrupted by slamming something onto the table. ‘Then tell me,’ Lifting his hand revealed the gun Andrea was shot with. He had retrieved it from his pocket. ‘You must also know all about this?’

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26 06 14

Caves, p97

“That’s almost a hundred!” Yes it is. AAAAAA! (previous)

Mitchell awoke near Andrea’s grave. He felt well-rested, though his muscles still felt a bit sore. He pushed himself up from the ground and recalled the events prior to his much-needed sleep. For a second the disbelief took hold. Surely that couldn’t have really happened? Maybe it was all a dream? He swiftly dismissed those thoughts. ‘Whatever.’ he muttered. He was fairly confident it had all truly happened. And even if that wasn’t the case, he had made up his mind and was ready to start taking action.

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22 06 14

Caves, p96

New part, new fart. I’d foreshadow things here, but that’s kinda late right? (previous)

The wyvern just kept on crawling, slowly but steadily, seemingly no end to its stamina. The path was getting more windy, but its slope never got less steep. Mitchell was starting to doze off again. When he was in risk of falling, the wyvern woke him before moving on.
Mitchell’s short and haphazard naps were made more uncomfortable when the temperature started rising. He paid more attention to his surroundings for a while. The tunnel was branching more often and a faint glow could be seen in some of the side paths. ‘Hey,’ Mitchell wiped the sweat off his forehead. ‘We almost there yet?’ No response. The wyvern was busy inspecting every tunnel it passed, looking for the one they needed to take. After briefly stopping, it entered one to the right.

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