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A changed man

So this is the power of cultism.

I spent the weekend with a bunch of strangers and returned a changed man. To be more precise: a bunch of strangers and some friends. …Alright, full honesty here, after the first hour or two it had blossomed into a very tight-knit group of kindred spirits.

For the past year I had been working remotely. Home office. Solitude. The dream job, for some. I certainly would’ve called it that. Now, I’m not so sure of that anymore.

Urbit remains the dream project, of course. Frequently, especially now, am I baffled by the incredible luck that placed me in this amazing position.

Over the weekend I bonded with people I had never met before. There may have only been one passion we shared, and it was a passion everyone carried for different reasons. Still, that was enough to instantly bond us and cover the space we inhabited in a thick, cozy blanket of camaraderie.

The dream job used to be “working from home”. It would give me ample opportunity to visit the places I knew and the friends I held so dear. And I do still hold them very dear! I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for the histories of those friendships. Yet, those ties pale in comparison to those fresh out of the forge, glowing red hot with passion.

I can hear you say it, and must agree, it’s probably wise to wait for that to cool down a little bit. Rash decisions can be dangerous, after all. But then, there is really no point in waiting to do a thing, if you’re going to do the thing anyway. Time is of the essence!

Not longer than two weeks ago was I pretty firm in my stance, that I wouldn’t ever consider moving to a hellhole city like this. Even today it contrasts very strongly with my idea of a nice back yard. But to get to the point, as scary as it may be to admit: I briefly considered considering it… and am now actually considering it.

The cultism thing at the beginning was a joke. From an outsider’s perspective, it might not seem that way. It’s just incredibly rare to see such strong attractive forces between people, strong enough to form a very powerful group. It’s hard to tell what to make of it.

It doesn’t help that the reason this is happening is completely opaque to outsiders. An immense, incomprehensible undertaking that wisps people from their homes and pulls them closer. The reaction to that is as expected.

What took place over the weekend has made me a different person. Better, I feel, but of course I would. My sense of purpose has been strengthened, my goals clarified, my self-image transformed, and my rational mind left tumbling.

I escaped, and returned a changed man. What now?

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