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25 09 18

Let’s lie

Some of the things I’ve posted recently — alright, let’s not lie: yesterday and today — have been of fair length. And yet I haven’t at all autistically restricted myself to the [opening sentence, body, closing sentence, signed] format. And you know what? The content looks better for it.

Somehow having let go of that feels like an important step. Like from here on out this is turning into what adults would consider a Blog, rather than some child’s shitty drawing, destined to hang on the fridge through no qualities of its own. Like anything would actually change.

Nothing will, of course. Not for as long as I still insist on publishing one post per day. Had I let that go, the format quirks would’ve easily gone with it.

At least something about the tone here feels different. A different self is speaking. I doubt whether I know that self or not. I realize that’s absurd.

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