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26 09 18

I believe

I do work for a startup. I actually believe we’re doing something that can change the world (of computing) for the better.

What does that make me?

For my story, a thousand others. And those that actually enjoy their work usually think their company’s really cool, doing interesting things in whatever “niche” they’re trying to “disrupt”. Most never see much of the big investor bucks that get pumped through, instead get it made up to them with work-parties and stakes in the company, praying it doesn’t fold in a year or two.

That describes my situation kinda closely, safe for the last bit. I actually believe we’re gonna make it, and make it big. I am not here to debate the merit of our project (I’d be happy to though!), I am here to wonder aloud how easy it is for people to perceive me as I perceive doomed-to-fail-startup slaves.

Suppose such a perception is best solved by an invite to a meetup, to see who we are and what we’re all about, but I don’t want to have to answer the “are you a cult” question.

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