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Swatting was comparatively innocent. But those were simpler times. Abusing the official defense systems just for laughs. The parties involved would eventually see it for what it was and let the whole thing go.

But that wasn’t the case for less formal kinds of defense systems. No, social mobs were relentless. They were like crocodiles, keeping up the beating until their prey perished. It was a scary thing, even then, to see up-and-coming greats make one small misstep and get jumped on, ended without further question.

The government caught on, and was eager to use the mob mentality to their advantage. As long as they followed the aim of the people — which of course they could guide — they could do with the victims as they pleased.

Nowadays, people don’t often speak to those outside of their cliques anymore. And even there, not too much is said about politics. If you anger the wrong person, they may target you. And as anonymous as you think you might be, it’s only a matter of time for the mob, and “the Mob”, to find you out.

“witch-hunts as a service”

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