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Jimmy John, el Condorito
31 07 18

Adapt for self

I stumbled upon that interesting geekhack thread again today, the one about the thumb cluster on the Ergodox keyboards. There’s some good ideas there, for sure. Moving thumb keys closer to the rest of the board is a great idea, I’m actually using a couple of the lower keys as thumb keys as well. And positioning the cluster differently in 3D space is really interesting too, though it makes for more difficult builds, and pressing down with thumbs really isn’t that bad.

But then, most of that stuff becomes really personal really fast. Everyone’s hands and fingers are different, so trying to make a one-size-fits-all solution is going to be sub-optimal for everyone. The only real solution here is to design your own setup, for yourself.

Hell, I don’t even really use the top row of my Ergodox EZ, and there’s lots of keys I only use for one specific binding that’s easily moved somewhere else. Layout-wise, there’s lots of optimization to be done still, and then, maybe I want to move onto tailoring the hardware to fit that exactly.

I wanted to do a whole chronicle pretending to be experiencing weird time shenanigans, referencing future posts as if they had already been written and similar nonsense. But August holds interesting writing prompts, which I’ll turn into tiny one-offs. That seems much more easily sustained.

29 07 18

What year is it?

Is it still the present day? Is my message reaching you in time? I heard a faint echo yesterday, I think it was these very words. Should I continue by saying what I thought they were? Unresolved temporal pointers are no laughing matter. I imagine we’ll learn that in school one day.

28 07 18


It’s kinda funny when you can tell two companies are using the same software because their automated messages are as good as identical. With how much focus they put on distinguishing their brand and standing out in other areas, you’d think something like this, an “experience”, wouldn’t get left behind.

Distortions in time-space, oddities unexplained. You gaze upon your watch. It tells you two different dates. The calendar’s no good either, telling you where you used to be.