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22 06 18

A new age

Sweet bending Jesus, Legend of Korra truly is a different beast.

Apparently only four years passed between the conclusion of The Last Airbender and the first episode of Legend of Korra. There’s such a world of difference between the two. Honestly, Legend of Korra is executed so much better.

Right from the first episode, nearly every single character that gets more than a single line of dialogue is just bursting at the seams with character. The voice-acting is on point, and the animation is so expressive it’s almost a little bit silly. It picks up so fast and does so many things to work the “Avatar” story into a different angle, it’d do no less well as a stand-alone.

I can’t recall if they kept this up, we’ll have to see. Also curious to know how much of the animation improvement came from technology rather than raw budget.

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