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02 06 18

Finding style

Female fashion is cool. There’s lots of things there I’d call pretty or fun. Only natural, it’s what I’m attracted to.

Male fashion gives me a harder time for similar reasons. It’s difficult enough picking out styles which I think look good, let alone things I’d actually see myself wearing them.

I do want to find something though. It’s cool to have strong aesthetic coherence, but that’s such a big departure from my current comfy-wear wardrobe that is feels like a difficult switch to make.


  • 03/06/2018 (3:15 AM)

    The aesthetic standard is much higher for women, it seems. Guys can get away with t-shirt and jeans for life, for the most part, whereas… well, that would be more rare for women.

    I used to want to find a style, but other priorities got in the way.

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