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Now with even more obscure Homestuck references!

Little-endian can go suck a dick.

You know bigger parts of the number go to the left, right? A hundred-and-five is 105, not 501. Little-endian byte storage does that the other way around. And that’s fine, apparently it’s good for performance. But some algorithms depend on the one order, others think that’s too backwards, and some even flip-flop between the two.

Makes me want to set shit on fire.

29 06 18

First words

Maybe premature documentation isn’t the root of all evil?

I get that technical documentation really should only be written during the final development iteration, and that anything sooner is a very effective way to wast time and trap yourself in local maxima.

But surely it’s never too early to be thinking about the usage experience? Writing that down can help solidify the vision of the actual product, the thing people use.

When you first conceive of it, you probably know why you want it, so you know what problem this is supposed to be solving. That’s your purest perspective, right there. That’s the perspective that needs to be writing the user-side spec.

28 06 18

Good reads

Bought a book recently. The Twitter-posted snippets seemed good.

The book is fascinating. I wouldn’t call it philosophy per se, but it probably is. Haven’t even finished it yet, but am already wondering if there are similar things I might also like to read.

What is happening to me?

Germany got absolutely humiliated, didn’t they? I don’t even follow the championship, or anything soccer for that matter, but I know it’s Not Normal for Germany to eat shit by the hand of Korea of all countries.

Good. It’s pretty much anyone’s championship at this point.

26 06 18

Stupid joke

The sculptor submitted his magnum opus to the contest. It was a bust. ):