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04 05 18


Christ I can’t believe I finally have a use case for it.

I’ve been trying to get myself into a more shortcut-based workflow. If there’s something I can do by keyboard, I try to do it by keyboard. If that’s too damn slow, then I try and make it less damn slow. In lots of cases, just rebinding shortcuts really helps. But in some situations, you’d really rather use the mouse.

So what if you could move your cursor around using the keyboard instead? Yes, I know modern operating systems have ways to let you drag it around using arrow keys or similar, but that just don’t do. It’s too slow and makes you remember its location for super fast use. Instead, I want to point at sections of my screen with a single key, and then point at a section of that section, and so on.

And Hammerspoon actually lets me do this! Well, sort of. It’s a Lua-scriptable layer around OS functions, which includes drawing things on screen and moving the move. I had known about it for a long time, but never actually thought of anything serious to do with it.

This idea actually seems like a great fit, so let’s give this a shot!
~ Fang

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