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26 05 18


I like shorts. They are comfy and easy to…

25 05 18

After night

The sun starts rising to the tune of laughter in that one house.

That one house on the corner, where the people are many and the nights too long.

Birds serenade the deflation of the homely atmosphere as one by one the people leave.

It’s morning, time for bed.

24 05 18

Fresh sheets

You change the sheets.

And you’re able to sleep again. Cleanly, undisturbed. You wonder why you didn’t change the sheets earlier. But then time passes, your sleep declines, yet the sheets go unchanged. You wake up, sweating, soaking, and decide it is time again.

The next night, you turn on the AC.

Their time, their riches, their praise.

They said I deserved it. Earned it, even.

I had never considered myself a false god before. Then, briefly, I did.

Before I knew it, I had taken it all.