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01 05 18

Lack listing

You can probably repurpose existing software for this.

I’m great at knowing when I’m not great at something. In fact, I suck ass at nearly everything I have on-record. Maybe that’s a skill of its own, maybe that’s my self-deprecating defense mechanism in overdrive. Whatever it is though, it seems like something that can be potentially useful.

What if I were to log, neatly sort and categorize all of these things? I’d end up with a todo list of sorts, wouldn’t I? You could get more ambitious and call it a skill tree, or at least the parts of it that I haven’t specced into yet. Maybe it’s overwhelmingly big, but it still seems like a good jumping off point to use whenever I feel like spending free time on improving.

Too bad “self-improvement” is on the list too.
~ Fang

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