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09 05 18

Bits and pieces

It’s all there, but also not really.

“If it compiles, it works!” Yeah, well, maybe. Not always. And it doesn’t even compile yet in the first place, so that really is kinda wishful thinking isn’t it?

There’s apparently quite a bit of Urbit software that has been written but hasn’t ever seen the light of day. A shame, really! Some of those things we have an actual need for right now, whether it’s because of features or bug-fixes.

But it got developed most of the way, and then just sat there. Untested, unpolished. Not really ready but pretty close. As time passed, it drifted further away from the up-to-date reality of the system. And now? Now it’s like it doesn’t even speak the same language anymore.

Better, stricter process could’ve prevented that work from dragging behind for too long. But we didn’t have process like that in place, and now we suffer the consequences. At least once we get all this laggy work back up to speed we’ll have some good additions.

~ Fang

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