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Sugoi programming onii-chan!
31 05 18

Finding balance

Inline skating is not as easy to pick up as I had hoped.

I mean, of course it’s gonna be tough, but I expected to get a feel for the basics after like my second attempt. Only now, after sheepishly giving it a try a handful more times, am I realizing what I’ve been doing wrong. I haven’t been shifting my weight around properly, so no wonder I had huge trouble staying balanced on one leg between strides.

But I figured that out now, so I can start practicing it with better focus. Once I get balance down, maybe I can start thinking about stopping, and then maybe steering even.

30 05 18

Touch everything

You know those little checks you do to make sure things are properly secured? Rattling the door handle after locking it, flipping your water bottle before putting it in your bag, testing your brakes before you leave the driveway?

If you’re not checking every failure case, how can you know you’re good to go? You don’t. So you need to check every failure case.

Not that it isn’t a pain. Test coverage is definitely a pain. But at least it’s useful when your tooling for it is.

Imagine a media critic creating media themself just to critique it.

Even better, imagine a media critic critiquing their own critiques.

“Today we’re reviewing my review of my review of my review of my review of my review of my review of my review of my review of my review of my review of my review of this other critic’s opinions.”

27 05 18

To be bored

Oh, how I’d love to be bored in this world of abundant stimulation.