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18 04 18

Time shenanigans

I don’t know what it is about them that makes them so good.

Probably execution? There’s this great big filter that determines whether something makes its way into my consumption stream or not. It’s not unlikely that things with plots that involve time shenanigans only make it in if they’re actually good. Or, you know, don’t suck ass at the very least.

They’re endlessly fascinating though, time shenanigans. If they don’t suck ass. Glaring plot holes are a common failure case. Not hitting that sets you up for a pretty good run. Second failure case is being too damn convoluted, and the third is being too boring. I think time loops can actually be pretty good at striking a balance there. Put in a mechanism that allows you to quickly move on to the next loop, and you can do some interesting problem-solving.

This stuff works well for mysteries, maybe.
~ Fang

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