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You need a special something for everything these days.

I’ve been getting fed up with the ridiculous amount of accounts people need to manage these days. It’s gotten so bad, I actually frequently sigh and give up on trying things out now if they require me to register. Of course, I’m in the business of taking this pain point away, so it stings me extra hard when this happens: I know it can be better. Right now though, it seems to just be getting worse.

At the local docks you used to be able to refuel your water supply by just popping a quarter into a machine and tanking up to a limit. Apparently they have replaced it by some abomination which requires you have an app on your phone, and an account in that app, so that you can pay for the water you use. And it just seems… a bit over-engineered maybe?

It’s not even cool-future-tech, it’s just stupid.
~ Fang


  • 05/04/2018 (4:17 AM)

    A few weeks ago, my trash didn’t get picked up. It wasn’t a holiday. I figured something must have gone wrong. Or maybe it was a holiday.

    The City’s website directed me to go download an app to see the trash pickup schedule in my neighborhood.


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