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I went and made an old-people purchase today.

So I’ve been eying this really cool display for a while. It’s a television display, but don’t tell no-one, because good god it’s 2018 and I really don’t care for watching television anymore. It makes for a good screen for movies and video games though! Problem is, the thing is expensive.

Earlier this week I searched for the thing on a big second-hand items website. Not even sure why I did it, I certainly never planned for it. It just kind of happened? I got curious I guess. So I searched, and there was a single result. Some store that was selling their demo model for… nearly half off? Nearly half off!

Of course that was a steal. Of course the shop happened to be a two hour drive away. Of course I’d gladly make that journey to steal this still pretty much untouched beauty away.

During the time I spent in the store, only old people walked in and browsed the televisions on display. The guy who helped me was surprised someone of my age was making such a sizeable purchase. What kind of work I did, he asked. Software, I grinned.

Best part, I don’t even have room for it yet, so I get to let it sit in its box for a while.
~ Fang

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