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27 04 18

Search terms

Things sure become difficult when you don’t know them.

I’ve been theory-crafting about the kind of home technology setup I want to have. It’s… leaning pretty heavily towards the DIY side of things. And why wouldn’t it? Commercial “smart technology” is a joke, and as they say, home is where the server is. But this does mean I have to solve some interesting problems.

I’m no hardware guy. I’m not even a system administrator, really. And while I wouldn’t call myself an ignoramus in those fields exactly, I still struggle finding the proper terminology for the obscure and probably insane ops I want to do. At least I’m good at search engines, but even the it takes me a good long time to find the real words I want to be searching for.

So that’s thirty minutes finding the right terms to sue, five minutes of discovering what I want to do is practically impossible.
~ Fang

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