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get rekt

I’ve been getting increasingly mad at mistakes I make during my Japanese studies lately.

Sure, I know I struggle with being too competitive sometimes, but studying isn’t a competitive endeavor, right? Why would getting an answer wrong piss me off when there are literally no consequences other than knowing I have to study up on that a bit more? Sadly, I think it’s something I was taught in school.

Not literally, of course. They don’t go around telling students they should get mad over poor results. But in a sense, they actually do. There is so much focus on success metrics that students lose sight of the goal of learning, if they even knew about it in the first place. You shouldn’t be studying for grades, you should be studying for knowledge and understanding.

But you can’t actually straight-up tell students that anymore. For them, it’s already about the grind rather than the joy of knowledge. It’s so ingrained, difficult to change. It’s so ingrained, I haven’t been tested on anything in years and I still feel the need to pursue metrics over abstracts far too often.

For me personally, at least this is step one to working through it.
~ Fang

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