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02 04 18

Old age

So this is what it feels like to get old, huh.

I mean, realistically, I’m not in that bad a place. I’m only twenty-three, not even past my prime yet. But that number still come as quite the shock when you haven’t really paid attention to your age in a while. In my mind I’m still like twenty-one or something, and even that gives me that feeling of “holy shit, when did I get this old?” Really, when did I get this old?

Obviously I have no right of complaining here. My midlife crisis is still many, many years off. At least, I hope so. Still, it’s scary when the years suddenly start sneaking by. Maybe I should celebrate my birthdays harder, let them be memorable. That’s not going to change the fact that years are becoming shorter and shorter compared to my lifetime though. And with that, less and less significant.

Quarterlife crisis?
~ Fang


  • 03/04/2018 (1:55 AM)

    If I am recalling my life crises correctly (it’s been a while since I took a psychology course), there is a crisis at around 22. Granted, it has something to do with whether one feels they are on track and where they expected to be at this point, but there’s something.

    I would say so long as you own a couple houses and are married, published, and have a small cult of people who honor you, you’re fine. Anything less and yeah, worry.

    I joke, but you’re right. It seems like people stop changing and evolving as quickly once we hit 21 or so, so it seems like less is happening in our lives. I got used to it and I feel like I’m still having fun and growing…

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