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16 04 18

Not made to last

Old age is killing us.

Our bodies deteriorate. It just happens. There is only so much punishment our biological machinery can withstand. Eventually, it caves. No longer able to provide the protection it once did, it sits idly as our bones crumble, our skin withers, and our cells become cancers. But what more awaits us once we overcome those?

Man was made to die. Every single one of us, engraved with their own expiry date. Our minds, at least those of generations currently alive, have been tuned to the idea of finite time. No living forever, you only get one shot. Our brains are already struggling to stay functional during our long lifetimes, let alone forever.

Media often portrays the immortal as bored wanderers, hopeless seekers of new experiences. It seems more probable that an immortal body would lose its mind long before it could get bored with the world.

But who knows. I’d still be up to give the whole anti-aging thing a shot.
~ Fang

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