Fang Talks

07 04 18

No true freedom

We will forever be bound by our cages.

We like to think ourselves free. To think, to choose, to act. And that’s not exactly wrong. But it’s not exactly right either. In fact, we run into the limits of that freedom on a daily basis.

Sneezes, coughs, jolts, reflexes. Biases, fears, needs. Mind can’t always win it from matter. “What matters,” you say, “is that it keeps us alive!” And it’s true, your ancestors might not have survived had they not compulsively expelled air from their lungs when they got sick.

But that doesn’t change the fact of our matter, that it rules us. We are not fully in control, and we will never be. Whether you think we’re piloting our meaty mechas or trapped in them, you can’t deny the limitations.

At least they listen most of the time.
~ Fang

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