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Food comas are amazing.

I live and work kind of weird hours. My alarm clock doesn’t go off until 10 AM, and I stay up until 2 AM at the very least. I front-load my day with personal errands out of necessity, most stores and businesses aren’t open late in the evening, and that actually works out pretty well. Places aren’t as busy during working hours, and I get to be out during the sunniest part of the day.

My meals are timed weirdly too. Of course there’s breakfast following my waking up, usually nobody’s around for that, and I tend to either skip lunch, or only eat a small bite. Dinner we have together, as is tradition. Sometime past midnight there’s usually a second dinner for me though. I take whatever leftover we had and eat another meal’s worth before passing out in bed.

They say you shouldn’t eat that closely before bed, but it hasn’t done me any harm yet.
~ Fang

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