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24 04 18

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If you ever catch me going on uninteresting or irrelevant tirades, this is what’s happening.

Sometimes when tackling a problem, you find yourself trying out all different kinds of paths to a solution. Some may work, some may not. Some you may want to remember for the future, and some you’ll want to steer clear of forever. When you finally settle on a solution path, it’d be wasteful to just throw all the discovery work you did away!

Oftentimes, it’s not exactly worth a real write-up or proper filing though. There may not even be a place for those things. What I usually do instead is expand my check-in email. Not just “hey I fixed the thing”, but rather “hey I fixed the thing by doing x. I wanted to do y, but it turns out that blah. Long-term, z is definitely preferred.”

This may be informative for the recipient, or it may bore them to death. But at least the info is noted somewhere, and whenever I next dive into a related thing, I won’t have to spend as much time carving out the problem space again.

Waste not a thought.
~ Fang

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