Fang Talks

The question was "what will you not find on this blog?"
We don’t venture into the eastern woods. But accidents happen.

I recall being sent out to forage. “Don’t wander too deep.” As dangerous as it was, and I didn’t know why, the fruits in those trees were much too valuable to pass up. The territory was uncharted as far as I had been told. Uncharted because of the fearsome creatures that lurked there after dark. Uncharted because generation after generation had grown up in fear of those legends. And those why tried conquering those fears, they never returned.

I recall waking in the dark. My head was throbbing, my heart pounding. The wind rustled the treetops, and for a moment the moon let me see. Dirt surrounding me, up higher than I could reach. A pit? At my feet, rocks. And a creature’s carcass.

I recall not being able to identify the creature. It hadn’t survived the drop. Its torso laid open, insides spilled out. My heart kept pounding, until the moonlight struck the creature’s. It glistened, seemed fresh, appetizing.

I recall being overcome with the urge to eat its heart.

~ Fang

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