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Why can't I hold all these slogans?
30 04 18


I need a better personal narrative.

You ever read something, and just need to keep going? You ever hear of someone’s struggles and want to hear how they ended up? There’s gripping narratives there, strong plots with enough tension, intrigue, stakes or excitement to keep the ride wild.

How do you pull that off, as a blog? I like to make myself believe otherwise, but my life really isn’t all that exciting. The stakes are so-so, and there’s no drama to speak of. Worse, I’m not even an interesting character! No cool arcs, nothing.

Is the trick to pull things out of thin air? I’d feel like a fraud. This blog has never been afraid to be truthy instead of truthful, but there have to be limits. Right?

Anyway, I’m joining the police tomorrow. Probably nothing worth reporting, but who knows.
~ Fang

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