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26 04 18

For the king!

Tomorrow is the kings birthday.

Living in a democracy that’s in denial about not being a monarchy anymore, we the Dutch people have a civil obligation to observe that wonderful day. After all, our country would be nothing if not for our monarchs. We’d fare terribly were it not for this international relations business card of flesh and bones and blue blood.

It’s real though. It’s a national holiday and there’s festivities and everything. People go out on the streets to sell old crap they don’t need anymore, madmen go looking for gems hidden in the rubbish, and everyone else just has a beer.

And orange, of course. Can’t forget the orange. Tulips are cool, weed is nice, but orange is where it’s really at. Every single thing will be colored orange. And it’ll be garish, or else!

I still can’t get over how plain-looking our king is though.
~ Fang


  • 28/04/2018 (3:23 AM)

    I had no idea what your king looked like, but having googled it, I agree. He needs a really garish crown or something to set him apart from the common folk – you don’t want to accidentally walk up to your king and ask if he’s selling insurance.

    And living in the United States, I can make fun of the leadership of other countries safely.

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