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More pixels than you could ever hold.

I always liked that joke people make when talking about high-end displays. Actually, it may not be a joke. But it’s funny nonetheless. You know, how the human eye can’t see more than 30 frames per second, and so having a monitor with a 120 Hz refresh rate is pointless. And how we can’t distinguish between 420p and 4k footage, and so investing in resolution is a waste.

It’s hilarious that people say that. It’s even better that some of them seem to actually believe it. Yes, technically our eyes have a resolution, and signals take time to go to and be processed by the brain. So yes, we have a hard limit in what we can perceive.

But if there’s a limiting factor there, it’s the maybe-too-efficient post-processing that happens up there in our brains. We’re not seeing the fully accurate thing to begin with, and that’s actually helping our viewing experience.

Not to mention, you need the data and complementary hardware to actually make use of those high spec displays.
~ Fang

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