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In which I am not the donkey.

There are many joys of learning a language. Sadly, sayings and expressions aren’t part of that. At least, most non-native speakers only get a surface-level grasp at the idioms the language contains. Doesn’t help that some are very regional, too. Anyway, I wanted to share a poor translation of a Dutch one: a donkey doesn’t bump into the same rock twice.

I think we can all take a lesson from the donkey. That lesson being to learn from your mistakes, however dumb they are. I try to be good at that, to make note of the things I do wrong, but it’s often difficult to keep them all in mind when the next opportunity to mess up comes around.

For the third time now I have managed to get software changes onto the live network that broke things for people. And it wasn’t even some complex unforeseen side-effect this time, just a really simple and obvious change that kicked things over. I’m a dummy.

In order to become more like the donkey, I make it a point to be hard on myself about these things. Because really, the way this happened is inexcusably stupid. And I should feel stupid for letting it happen.

Luckily it’s not that big a deal, I just spent the entire day cleaning up the mess I made.
~ Fang

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