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03 04 18


It’s not that I’m obsessed with details per se, I just like looking at them.

Modern architecture is kinda boring. If you’re lucky it has a ton of large glass panes, which help make the thing a better living experience. Get unlucky though and you end up in a blocky hellscape of plainness. Especially when you look at the artsy kind of building that get built today. Most of them end up being weird shapes with no other defining features.

Maybe I’m a bit of a traditionalist, but I really like older architecture. They largely maintain a sane, standard structure and choose to rely on details for their wow-factor instead. Patterns on the walls, in the pillars. Corners not straight and square but rather hollowed out or slightly enlarged to make them stand out. Motherfucking gargoyles on the roof’s edges.

It gives me something to look at, something more interesting than a gray square.
~ Fang

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