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Over a month in the making!
30 04 18


I need a better personal narrative.

You ever read something, and just need to keep going? You ever hear of someone’s struggles and want to hear how they ended up? There’s gripping narratives there, strong plots with enough tension, intrigue, stakes or excitement to keep the ride wild.

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29 04 18

Find a way

Where there’s a will…

I don’t get the impression smart TVs are really all that smart. Or at least, not smart enough to justify bringing spyware into your home for. The good news is, that can be remedied. Both those things! TVs may be dumb, but they’re hardware you physically own. So until companies start providing TVs as a Service, you’re in control.

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28 04 18

Replay value

I lost of Risk of Rain save file somehow.

But that’s okay! A bit of a bummer, but certainly not the end of the world. And now I get to unlock all the characters and items all over again! It’s been a long time since I last picked it up, and I’ve certainly gotten rusty, but the game’s still pretty fun!

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27 04 18

Search terms

Things sure become difficult when you don’t know them.

I’ve been theory-crafting about the kind of home technology setup I want to have. It’s… leaning pretty heavily towards the DIY side of things. And why wouldn’t it? Commercial “smart technology” is a joke, and as they say, home is where the server is. But this does mean I have to solve some interesting problems.

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26 04 18

For the king!

Tomorrow is the kings birthday.

Living in a democracy that’s in denial about not being a monarchy anymore, we the Dutch people have a civil obligation to observe that wonderful day. After all, our country would be nothing if not for our monarchs. We’d fare terribly were it not for this international relations business card of flesh and bones and blue blood.

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