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This isn’t the cyberpunk future I wanted.

I got a strange email today. The sender was labeled “App Store”, and it even had the Apple logo at the top and in the footer. But the content of the email was… a YouTube Red subscription confirmation? Of course, it was written as if it was sent a month ago, and that the trial would end today unless I cancelled. What’s more, the only clickable link in the body text was a “cancel subscription” one. That didn’t seem suspicious at all!

For fun, I checked the URL of that link. Not a link to YouTube, not a link to a shady website, but a link to someplace on… “goto” and then a long hash. So I’m guessing wraps the real link in a redirect one on their own domain so that they can harvest analytics data from it. And these thugs are making use of that to let their suspicious domain names remain hidden.

It’s a crook use crook world out there.
~ Fang

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