Fang Talks

Stupid boy!

I used to have time for this crap.

Not anymore, not really. They were different times that allowed me to live a different lifestyle. Now, I’m not sure I want to go back anymore. But then what do I do about all this? Over seven years of shitposts, carefully amassed so as to not hurt anyone but myself and a small group of volunteers. I’ll have to take action quickly, I want to go to bed.

Between the time I spend on work and the time I spend decompressing from work, there isn’t much left for post writing. Best I can bring up is diary entries and self-criticism, and then meta-complaining about the meta-complaining. It didn’t need to be that way, if it wasn’t all so rushed.

Tomorrow night I’ll sigh and do the same I did today. Jot down some quick thoughts and call it a day. Not that I want to, but I want to make the call to end this even less. Seven years of routine, ingrained into my very being. I can’t just end that.

That could be fatal.
~ Fang

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