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01 03 18

Unlikely story

It’s more likely than you think.

Okay, okay, let’s not turn this into one of those obviously-wrong blanket statements. Your high-fantasy story with sci-fi elements isn’t very likely to have happened. And your love story probably never played out exactly as described. But the overall story? Sure, why not.

So many people have lived before us, and so many creatures have lived before them. It’s not difficult to imagine that in one of those trillions of lives a plot unfolded that is similar in structure and conclusion to, say Twilight.

And that one character of yours that died by getting his nuts stuck in the door frame? This has actually happened to someone. Probably, at least. Ah, to be young and die in crazy ways again, those were the times.

We’re only unique in our zeitgeist I guess…
~ Fang

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