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31 03 18


It’s always fun playing games at a friend’s place.

First and foremost because video games make for great bonding experiences. But secondarily, because you may get to try out games you haven’t ever played yourself. Case in point: I played a shooter today and actually had fun!

I know myself to not be a shooter person. I’m terrible at them, and especially playing them with keyboard and mouse for longer periods of time cramps my hands so hard. But I’m starting to see why people enjoy them. Maybe not shooters per se, but definitely games that just so happen to be shooters.

Played a bunch of sessions of Fortnite today. Trying to look things up on the internet to try and finds ways to get better, there may be a lot more to the game than the “every man for themselves” battleground. I’ve heard a lot about the game prior to playing it, about how good it is amd how it does skins right. Only now do I actually feel like I may want to pick it up though. Only scored a single kill in a whole night of playing, but boy was it exciting!

I just don’t want to suck forever.
~ Fang

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