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22 03 18

Train work too

What a day.

I want to say we got a ton of things done tiday, but we mostly just reviewed work I had already done. Considering how important and irreversible that work is going to be though, putting primary focus there is definitely not unwarranted.

We reduced the risk of a bus-attack (now that someone else understands my code, I can die without taking the company with me), cleaned up a bunch of cruft and even improved the implementation in some places. Happy with what we’ve done, but there’s still more left to review.

Since the AirBnB host wouldn’t be too happy about another person staying overnight, unpaid, I’m taking the train back now. I’d say that’s a good opportunity to get some more implementation-level work done!

Travel, work, travel, bed, rinse and repeat. It’s been a while.
~ Fang

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