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The universe could’ve been so perfectly frozen, forever 0K.

Alas, that’s not how it is. In fact, time has become so notoriously pervasive that it even affects our logic. I really wish it didn’t, because testing time-based logic is such a pain in the ass. For starters, they may take a bunch of time to run. Luckily in my situation it was possible and actually an improvement to make the timing windows flexible, so that tests only take thirty seconds to run instead of two months.

But that’s only good if you can get the tests actually running properly. And when you’re trying to balance speed against success, that gets a bit tricky. I’m 90% sure that’s just because I suck at writing tests, but I really just wanted to get these over with… precisely because they’re hard and I suck at them.

Maybe I’ll do them over again sometime. Should probably clean them up at least.
~ Fang

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