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14 03 18


There’s always something new to see.

Rewatching things you’ve seen, rereading things you’ve read, it’s fun. Always nice to just sink into something familiar, to try and experience that first time again. Sometimes, it leads you to discover things you hadn’t noticed on your first pass. Hints at what’s to come, jokes that finally make sense. But also, you get a more complete view of the work, in a way.

I really want to say this allows you to be more objectively critical of the thing, but that’s maybe not necessarily true. Really, my best critical insights come after hearing about them from professional critics and then seeing those things in action myself. Rarely do I go “yeah that’s what I thought too”. Never do I think “hmm I remain unconvinced”.

I guess that just means I’m a bottom-tier critic huh.
~ Fang

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