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04 03 18

Hands on board

And the lengths to which people go to keep it that way.

There’s this really strong mentality that’s carried by some computer people: the mouse is the devil. And they’re not completely wrong, lots of the interfaces we use today would be perfectly serviceable, if not better than they are, using keyboard controls. Alas, not all developers think about it that way, and so lots of UIs are actually kind of a pain to use with just the keyboard.

And yet these people are doing it anyway. They want their hands on their keyboards at all times, even if that means jumping through a ton of hoops to make things usable that way. But from that struggle for a better keyboard experience they have created some pretty neat tools. Of course, you have to go and spend time on making those work for you, but it’s something.

I personally just can’t give up the mouse though. It’s super comfy sometimes.
~ Fang

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