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16 03 18


Drooping, oozing.

Your head’s full of it. Sloshing around with every step. Crashing into your skull, making a mess of the place. Overflowing with every breath. So much outward pressure, you might explode. It overcomes you, a spasm, a sneeze. !!! The contraction intensely violent. Bandwidth for depressurization is so low, your lungs nearly burst.

I think the worst of it is behind me though. There’s a good chance my body will have restored most of it’s normal functioning. Maybe that’s a bit optimistic. Need to get over it by next week though, one of the bossmen is coming to Amsterdam to stomp out that Ethereum integration.

It’s getting closer already!
~ Fang


  • 17/03/2018 (10:48 PM)

    Don’t take any of that crap they sell to clear it up. It dried my head out so badly and violently that most of the time, I prefer to go back to the goop.

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