Fang Talks


Morning wasn’t supposed to be here just yet, but something woke you.

An unfamiliar voice, singing unwritten songs in unknown tongues. From outside, through the window pane, under the curtains. Louder than a whisper, it didn’t let you fall back to sleep. But sleep was the one thing you wanted, for morning wasn’t supposed to be here just yet.

Frustrated, you pull open the sheets and exit their warm embrace. You shove aside the curtains, pull up the blinds. Another melody it speaks before you eyes meet. Yours and the stranger’s. It sits perched in the grass, staring, unmoving.

These are the eyes of an animal, a wild beast, an untamable in a tamed world. It knows not what it has to lose but will fight for it without relent. Somehow, you recognize a part of yourself in it. The staring is starting to make you uneasy.

You shoo away the bird and go back to bed.
~ Fang

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