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09 03 18


Not too long ago I was telling a friend that we only had a six-person team working on Urbit.

Oh how times have changes. We’ve actually doubled that team size by now, and there’s still a few potentials in the pipeline. And it’s a great expansion too, we’ve managed to net a fair amount of our open source contributors already. They know the system and have proven themselves worthy, so we can skip the interview/interrogation step there!

It’s also really fun to get what are essentially a bunch of friends on the team. Most of us already know each other through Urbit, and often we’ve already worked together on things too. It’s like nothing really changed, except whose payroll we’re on.

Super excited that we managed to get all these cool people on the team, and looking forward to a faster development pace in 2018. Just worried about how I’ll keep up with it all now!

The drinking from the fire hose had to stop some day.
~ Fang

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