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28 03 18

Email is shit

God I fucking hate computers, someone hold me.

I’m having the worst experience trying to interface with Gmail right now. After enabling two-factor authentication on my account, my email client’s connection to it broke. Fair, it needs to get in on that extra factor after all. But then when I got that set up after two attempts, the connection started randomly dropping?

And even when the connection is live, there’s a few recent messages it just refuses to sync in? So I sigh deeply and try out the connection over IMAP instead, because that perma-syncs and keeps everything everywhere. Well, it does. It sends my drafts up to Google’s servers as I type them, word by word. Still not getting those missing messages though.

I look around and some of those messages are in random folders? And some new messages are arbitrarily getting thrown into a folder called “Important”? What the fuck, Gmail. And moving messages seems to delete them from my machine? What the fuck, Gmail.

Long-form communication is great, and so email is great. Implementation-wise though, fuck that shit.
~ Fang

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