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19 03 18

Dutchman blood

There really is no escaping its influence, is there?

Fooling around on the ice a couple weeks ago sparked something in me. Watching people inline skate recently fanned the tiny flame that had ignited. I’ve been looking around and reading up, and I may want to pick up a pair of inline skates to roll around with.

Maybe that’s a bit impulsive — I did watch a bunch of cool montages — but isn’t that what sports are about? Besides, the season for it’s coming up. At least I hope the weather’s going to improve soon.

If I want to get into this I’ll have to get past that annoying first step of just doing it though. Not just go out and buy a pair of skates, but also hit the road and eat shit a couple times. I’d love to learn how to skate a bit more aggressively, but I can’t imagine getting there without getting to know my limits really well.

Also I’m a bit worried about my knees still, but I can take it slow.
~ Fang

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